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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Al-Fateh Certified Translation Company?
Al-Fateh Certified Translation Company is a specialized company for document translation in Egypt and the Arab Gulf countries, which makes high-quality translations for any document that comes to us, and the translation is carried out by the best translators in all scientific disciplines.
Why Al-Fateh is the best certified translation office?

Speed in implementation, commitment to the delivery date, quality of translation and free from any errors, linguistic and grammatical revision before delivery, translation output exactly like the original, the best translation prices in the Arab world.

Can I translate a sample before starting the translation?

Yes, I request a sample translation before starting the translation, as we provide this service free of charge to our customers so that they can be sure of the quality of our translation

Is Al-Fateh office accredited by all embassies and authorities?

Yes, Al-Fateh certified translation office is accredited by all foreign and Arab embassies and government agencies, and in this matter you will ensure that all your translations will be certified, documented and accepted by all agencies and embassies.

Do you finish the translation on the same day?

Yes, we have a huge team of highly qualified translators who can finish the translation on the same day.

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